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Portraits – Loes Jongerling

Custom Illustrated Portraits

confetti blok-03

This is me. I’m about to take a bite.


This illustration is based on a photo my mother took of me on a day I have fond memories of. However, the photo was a bit blurry with a busy background, so I turned it into an illustration to adjust the colours and composition myself.


Perhaps you have similar photos. Maybe you’d like a beautifully illustrated portrait of your favourite people, pets or moments. I’d be delighted to assist you with this.


Let’s transform those digital memories into colourful, illustrated art on your wall!


Would you like to gift yourself or someone else a portrait? Whether it’s of your children, parents, pets, friends, or a cherished moment with your partner, here’s how it works:

I create the portrait based on a photo. The most important thing is capturing the essence of the main subject(s). I’ll strive to make the portrait as faithful as possible while adding a touch of creative freedom. Some elements of the image will have more detail than others. The background will remain simple, with one or two colours to suggest space.

The portrait will be printed on 250gsm premium paper with a fine texture.

Submitting Your Request:

Step 1 is on your end. Look for some of your favourite photos of the person you want a portrait of. You may already have a photo in mind, but I’m happy to assist you in selecting the most suitable one for a portrait. With multiple photos, I can get to know the person better and potentially merge elements. If there’s a favourite clothing item or piece of jewellery you’d like to include, that’s not a problem.

I prefer to receive your request via email with the following information:

  • The number of people to be portrayed (Max. 6 people).
  • Which photos you’d like to use.
  • The preferred size of the portrait (A5, A4, or A3).
  • Any comments or instructions regarding clothing and appearance for each person.
  • Colour preferences (e.g., warm colours, pastel colours, and two favourite colours).
  • Your name and shipping address.
  • Any deadlines, and I’ll check if it’s feasible.

The Process:

Once I receive your request, I’ll send you an email with my ideas for the portrait, any questions, or a request for further discussion. I’ll provide you with the total cost and the expected delivery time.

If we’re both satisfied with the arrangement, I’ll send you the invoice, and I’ll start working on your portrait. I’ll keep you updated on my progress, and you’ll receive an initial version for us to discuss details.

After I’ve incorporated your feedback, I’ll send you a digital proof via email. With your approval, I’ll then send it to the print shop.


The prices below include one round of feedback and the printing costs for one print in A5, A4, or A3 size. Prices include VAT and exclude framing and shipping costs.

  • 1 person: €195
  • 2 people: €245
  • 3 people: €285
  • 4 people: €325
  • 5 people: €355
  • 6 people: €375

Bigger size?

No problem! We can discus this and the extra printing costs when we start.

Special Requests?

The portrait can be a colourful addition to your wall, but you may have other plans for it. Perhaps you want to use it as a wedding or birth announcement card, or you’d like it printed on different materials like wood or canvas. Let me know, and I’d be happy to discuss the possibilities.


Once the print file is sent to the print shop, it typically takes 4-5 working days for your package to arrive. However, delivery time may vary depending on the printer’s speed and delivery services. If there are significant delays, I’ll notify you promptly. You’ll receive a track & trace code to monitor the package’s status.

Shipping Costs:

Netherlands: €6.95

Europe: Starting from €10.70


Loes Jongerling Illustration is not liable for any delivery damage. If significant damage occurs, we will work together to find a solution.


If you decide to cancel the order, you can do so within three days after receiving the confirmation.

Returns are not possible as it’s a personalized item. If you’re not satisfied with the result, please contact me.


Once I receive your approval for the order, I’ll send you an invoice for the total cost, including the creation fee, any extra copies, and shipping costs. The invoice must be paid within two weeks. If additional costs arise during this period, you’ll receive a new invoice for them.


The created illustration is for personal use only. Commercial use, resale, and duplication are not allowed. The illustrations’ copyrights remain with Loes Jongerling Illustration at all times.


For questions or more information, you can email me at info@loesjongerling.com or visit www.loesjongerling.com.

(c) 2023 Loes Jongerling Illustration. All rights reserved. Prices and specifications are subject to change. Prices include VAT.

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