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Newsoul – Loes Jongerling
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A selection of vintage home accessories brought to you in an online shop.

Logo Design

For a circulair business like vintage I decided to design a circulair type. Custom made letters that can be drawn in one pencil movement. The different seasons ask for a different look on your website to keep the custumor entertained so I designed a few options completmenting the season. And at last to complete the look I designed an easy to use logo image. Same look and feel, so recoqnizable when used in a different output.

Styling & Photography


To sell the products tasty and seductive pictures really help to invite and convince the potential customer. A task I really like to do! Gathering items, buying flowers and arranging everything into a cohesive appealing image. I could do it all day!


The pictures below and the rest of the photo´s I made during the shoot I have uses for all kinds of commercial output such as a flyer, banners on the website 

and in social media output.


I also made the product photo´s that are being used

 in the website and as social media output.


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